Are you deeply impacted by your spouse’s sex addiction and infidelity? Do you need help getting your bearings, knowing what to do to move through the chaos, and find truth and healing? If so, you’re in the right place.

Helping Women

Karen is the CEO of Sanctuary LLC, where she serves as a Board Certified Life Coach, (Certified through the Institute of Life Coach Training) helping women heal from relational or betrayal trauma following discovery of a spouse’s sexual addiction. Karen works with clients globally whose lives reflect various hopes and dreams in various stages of creation, disruption, or re-creation—as they navigate the realities of sexual infidelity of a spouse.

Karen has completed Masters and Doctoral studies in Human Development and in addition to general life coaching, holds a specialty training in relational trauma through APSATS, Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists. She uses a multidimensional trauma model to help female partners of sex addicts through the tsunami and trauma of their spouse’s sexual betrayal—into a place of physical, emotional safety, through grief and mourning, and to a space of healing and towards a new integrative narrative and vision of life. Karen believes every story can be redeemed.

Karen is also a writer, former podcast host, and speaker. She co-created the content for the female spouses of pornography users and advanced sexual addicts for a global faith-based website addressing pornography, and has written hundreds of articles online on various faith-based topics.

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